Activities/program RAVT offers volunteer and tour service opportunities in community projects around Uganda. The network of opportunities continues to expand with new programs currently being researched and assessed. We have built strong relationships with the grassroots organizations throughout Uganda and have begun placing volunteers. At RAVT we align with the idea of using local solutions to solve local problems, so we continue to work with local community organizations in each country. We provide a wealthy experience and dedication to both our volunteers and partners. Current Volunteer Options: -Teach in local schools -Work in orphanages -Help develop HIV/AIDS projects -Volunteer in health clinics (especially good for premed and medical students) -Work with groups of special needs children and/or adults -Implement village outreach programs -And more! Contact us if you have a specific cause in mind. Why RAVT? We give the highest quality services for the lowest prices because we work at the grassroots level in our friendly local environment with community-based programs. We beat competitors’ prices because our costs are shaved by 65% to enable and encourage volunteers to continue rendering their services and to experience the wonders of Uganda, the pearl of Africa. Language and Culture Program This flexible, week long program is shaped by the volunteer. It gives volunteers a wonderful beginning during the orientation week as volunteers get introduced to the real livelihood of local people by learning and practicing the culture, language, and traditions with the local experts. Volunteers learn how to communicate effectively with Ugandan locals and learn how to commute using public taxis to the various cultural offerings of Uganda. From temples to restaurants to marketplaces, we take our volunteers to the cultural hotspots of Uganda in order to foster both appreciation and understanding. For a complete schedule of events, please visit our website. Projects: Volunteers generally work approximately 25 hours per week (although these hours are flexible) and have free weekends where they can explore Uganda through our many tour and travel programs. • AIDS project (health care) Our organization works hand in hand with the local community to promote public health. Volunteers travel with and work alongside Ugandan counselors in various programs directly benefiting local communities and schools. • Internships The program also provides vast opportunities in placing student volunteers that are pursuing their education in various fields in various fields of study such as medical, education, business, law, social work, etc. • Teaching Our volunteers are given an opportunity to teach English or any other convenient subject of their choice at any level, as well as playing with and caring for students. This gives them a great chance to share experiences with the pupils. • Women’s empowerment As women are less privileged in our society, our program strives to uplift their status. Volunteers lend a hand in local projects like crafts and civil education by teaching them rights, encouraging them to get involved in decision making, providing skills and knowledge on how to guard them against domestic violence, genital mutilation, HIV/AIDS, and poverty. • Orphanage projects For volunteers wishing to work in remote areas with HIV infected orphans, our partners work with the projects in the central, western, and eastern part of Uganda to help us with the epidemic. This is the area where HIV/AIDS has most devastated Uganda. The organization is focused on bringing aid to the AIDS related illnesses that occur. Volunteers help with the basics such as academics, feeding, organizing plays, arts and crafts, hygiene, and HIV/AIDS education appropriate to the children’s age (3-12) years. Volunteers may be asked to help with administrative work such as budgeting, updating paper work, writing proposals and maintain personal files on children. This is a challenging program meant for volunteers with experience in organizing children, as well as bringing games, songs and enthusiasm to the village. • Village outreach Public speaking and monitoring vast AIDS/Malaria projects, hygiene, family planning, reproductive health, nutrition, early childhood feeding, sanitation, women’s rights and domestic violence, working in health centers (clinics) and travel to villages on weekly basis. Volunteers design their own seminars depending on that week’s topic (subject matter). Basic training and education materials are on site but volunteers are encouraged to bring new material as well. Why volunteer? Volunteering gives you the greatest experience and skills in life as you build you C.V (resume) since volunteers are given opportunities to services in areas of their qualifications. It also gives a chance to share anything that you give with needy people. You become a cause of joy in the lives of the people that you meet. Friendship is another great element that is developed through volunteering as you meet various people of different races. You will learn their culture and become part of them. Employment opportunities: some volunteers have been requested to be retained by some organizations after their internship. Who can volunteer? 1. Individual volunteers (Solo) 2. College and graduate students 3. Groups/Corporate groups 4. Families 5. Retired and working professionals 6. Teenagers 7. 50- and above people When you can volunteer 1. Spring break 2. Gap year 3. Summer vacation 4. Winter break 5. Anytime Why pay to volunteer 1. Local expertise 2. Guidance 3. Modern volunteer facilities (more information about our facilities available by contacting us or checking our website.) 4. Tour guides 5. 10% of your payment goes to vulnerable children. Volunteer impact Volunteers provide to the disadvantaged socio-economic groups within Uganda communities. You will be focusing primarily on orphaned children, HIV/AIDS groups, youth, women and school children. As a volunteer in Uganda, you can provide love, affection, education and support to orphaned and homeless children. You will also help improve education in schools ensuring that children’s learning flourished. As a volunteer you can practice and teach preventive measure, hygiene and HIV/AIDS care. You will also provide education and intercultural understanding in Ugandan communities. Most projects have no or little resources for foreign volunteers with different ideas and experiences are highly valued. Cost Application: Free to apply Your application submission is free. Once accepted into a program, you will be required to submit a $150 deposit that will secure your place in Uganda’s programs under our volunteers and tour network activities. (This deposit is waived for RAVT members.) When you submit your deposit, you will receive: 1. Personal staff support 2. Program guide 3. Personal RAVT membership card 4. Fundraising guide 5. Personal online journal Note: children under 18 are not required to pay the application fee when volunteering together with their guardians/parents (Except for participants in our youth tour program who are required to pay $ 200 application fee) A couple’s application fee ($200) is available where two adults volunteer together in a group. Nonmember program fee (costs) per individual; 1. 1 Week $ 250 2. 2 Weeks $ 500 3. 4 Weeks $ 550 4. 6 Weeks $ 650 5. 8 Weeks $ 1300 6. 12 Weeks $ 1400 Group program fees for one week: A group of three (3); $ 200 each A group of 5-10; $ 180 each A group of 10-15; $ 160 each A group of 15 and above; $ 150 each For prices on volunteers expeditions extending longer than 12 weeks, please contact us Note: language and culture program: $ 150 What is included? 1. Accommodation: host family or site at your project 2. Meals: 3 meals daily. For different options, e.g. vegetarian meals, more than 3 meals daily, please note this in your application. 3. Project donation 4. Airport pick-up and drop-off 5. Training: in country orientation 6. Supervision: staff supervision 7. Support: pre-departure personal support from volunteer coordinator 24/7 in country support and 24/7 hour emergency line What is not included? Flights, insurance, visa, vaccinations, and daily transport fees. We recommend you allow a weekly budget of $30 to your other expenses such as bottled water, personal items, beverages and entertainment. More information about prices including our tour and travel package can be found on our website. Schedule Programs 1. Kampala district 2. Wakiso district 3. Masaka district 4. Jinja district 5. Mubende district Start date: it is more convenient when volunteers arrive on weekends and start their programs on Monday. How to apply: Program requirements Volunteers for Uganda must: 1. Be 18 years and above or accompanied by someone who is 18 and above 2. Have no serious health complications 3. Be able to walk 5 kilometers a day 4. Sign a general waiver of positive and outgoing personality Application process Your application process is free and seamless. If you are accepted we will provide you with a secure online way to pay. We are also one of the few organizations that allows you to change programs at no extra cost. 1. Complete the application form. We will review your application and contact you. 2. Pay program deposit fee once accepted. 3. Communication and information. We will send a full program guide and contact you to make sure you have all the information you need to prepare for your trip. We will also talk about fundraising options. 4. Program payment. At this stage you must pay the full program fee. 5. We are prepared to support you every step of the way, particularly during your time in the country.